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Kandiah Shanmuganathan (Father of S.Anushan (1999) and Janakan (2005))
Died On: 01 Feb 2018
Country: USA
Funeral Date: TBN

Kandiah Shanmuganathan, former GA (30th June 1997 to 6th Oct 2002) of Jaffna and past president of JHCOBA Jaffna, has passed away  on Thursday, 1st Feb 2018 in Orange County, California, USA. He’s the father of S.Anusaan (1999 Maths , Canada and Janakan (2005 Maths). As a Jaffna GA and past president of Jaffna OBA, his contributions to Jaffna Hindu were very valuable. His funeral details will be notified later.

Mr.Shanmuganathan was born on 18th Nov 1941 in Punguduthivu to late Kandiah (teacher) and Maheswari. He’s the son in law of T.S.Kumarasamy (Thirunelvely, Jaffna and a former Chilaw trader) and Kanagamma. He is survived by his loving wife Subadradevi, and children Suganya, Tharani, Anushan, and Janakan. He’s also the father in law of Senthan, Kugabalan and  Thuvaraka, and grandfather of Vashee, Vahees, Maya, and Janani, and sibling of Pathmanathan, Ragunathan, late Jeganathan, Sabanathan, Kamalanathan, late Yoganathan, Ravindranathan, Kalaranjini, and Chithambaranathan.

When Mr.Shanmuganathan was the President of JHCOBA Jaffna, he had sourced 13.2 million funding for the building at Jaffna Hindu College. This building was then valued as 14.8 million worth and the balance 1.6 million was given back to the School. This building houses the Sabalingam Auditorium at the second floor. He made this happen during a very difficult period (2001-2002) when there was a scarcity of cement, reinforcement, and other building material. He arranged to transport them from Colombo via ships. This is one of the major contributions and a momentous one to Jaffna Hindu College and all his contributions to Jaffna Hindu at that difficult time were very valuable.


Anushan and Thuvaraka (Canada) +1- 647-771-0075

Suganya and Senthan (Canada) +1 949-478-4265

Tharani and Kugabalan (Canada) +1 201-668-1654

 Kalaranjini (Canada) +1 416-428-5720

 Jegatheeswaran (Canada) +1 416-464-0270

Informed by: Ahilan Selladurai

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