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Sukanyan a young musical composer from Hindu joins A.R.Rahman's Academy
Posted on: 09/03/2014 (Sunday)
Sukanyan Sunthareswaran (2011 A/L Bio) is a young, budding musician who has chosen a career in music, which is rare in our society. His passion for music from school days led him to choose music as a career. He is currently studying at Dr.A.R.Rahman's KM Music Conservatory. Even before coming to KM, he has composed music for more than 16 commercial adverts, 4 documentary films, 3 short films, 7 singles, and an album. 
Sukanyan’s passion for music started from his school days, and it was encouraged and flamed by his music teacher Mr. Padmanathan. He started his musical journey as keyboardist and Carnatic vocalist. At the very young age, he has participated in many Carnatic vocal competitions and stage performances, and won many medals and certificates. Even at school days, he has composed music and played key board for many dramas on English day, Tamil day, and for Teachers day celebrations and Kavinkalai Mantram celebrations. He identified the composer within him when he was requested by the teacher Mr.Makilchchikaran to compose a song about the school. The small flare within him was fired with such incidents, and he decided what should be his career path in his life. He was encouraged by many teachers at Jaffna Hindu College. He thankfully remembers Mr.Padmanathan, Mr.Vimalanathan, Mr.Prashantha, Mrs.Sellathurai, Mrs.Kavitha etc., for finding his talent and encouraging. However, in our society, only doctors, engineers are the revered professions, and every parent wants their son to be either a doctor or an engineer, His parents were no different to that. They pursued him to follow bio stream for his A/L, wanting to make him a doctor. Though his parents wanted him to be a doctor, they could not drowse down the fire for music in him. Instead, it is he who convinced his parents in favour of music, and they allowed him to pursue his profession in music. Now, they are his pillar of support for all the growth he has seen in this career. 
Sukanyan is now a well-known music composer in Sri Lanka. He has been interviewed by many Medias in Sri Lanka. He has worked on many foreign adverts and government documentaries. He has also performed in many concerts such as Big FM’s Big Tamil Melody Award Ceremony. Currently he is enrolled for a full time Foundation Certificate Course in Music (validated by Middlesex University, UK) at the KM Music Conservatory founded by the legendry Dr.A.R.Rahman, in pursuance to acquire more knowledge and talent in composition, Western music, Hindustani music, piano and performance under the guidance of veteran faculty from six different European countries.



Alma Mater - A Rhythm of Jaffna Hindu College composed by Sukanyan in 3 Languages

Entrance of Dr.A.R.Rahman's KM Musical Conservatory - Chennai, India

Sukanyan attending a class at KM Musical Conservatory - Chennai, India


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