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Sabalingam Auditorium declared open by Mr.Ponnampalam
Posted on: 03/04/2015 (Friday)
The 400 seat modern auditorium built in memory of former Principal Mr.E.Sabalingam was declared open on Friday, the 3rd April 2015, by Mr.S.Ponnampalam, another former Principal of Jaffna Hindu. Dr.Sabalingam Jothilingam, the son of Mr.E.Sabalingam donated this well-equipped auditorium in remembrance of his father as Jaffna Hindu celebrates its quasquicentennial year. 
The Sabalingam Auditorium opening ceremony commenced with a pooja at Jaffna Hindu Gnana Vairavar temple. The Chief Guest Mr.S.Ponnampalam and other guests were led from the newly built arch at the school entrance to the temple with our traditional band. Special pooja was perfomed at the temple to invoke blessing, and from there, all the guests were taken again in procession to the Sabalingam auditorium. There, Mr.S.Ponnampalam unveiled the inscription declaring opening of the Sabalingam Auditorium.
The rest of the events took place inside the new auditorium. In line with the Tamil tradition, the events started with lighting of the auspicious lamp and reciting prayer songs. Following that, a souvenir in tribute to former Principal Mr.E.Sabalingam was released. The souvenir was released by Dr.Sabalingam Jothilingam and the first copy was received by Mr.Shanmuganathan, former Government Agent of Jaffna. Mr. Jothilingam Theepan, the grandson of Mr.Sabalingam welcomed everyone at the ceremony and then the Principal Mr.I.Thayanantharajah delivered the inaugural speech. Next, Dr and Mrs Jothilingam were honoured with gold shawls and a memento was presented to them by Mr.N.Sunthareswaran, the President of JHCOBA Jaffna. A gold shawl honour was also given to the building contractor by Dr.S.Jothilingam. 
Next was a set of speeches. Dr. E. Thevanesan, former president of JHCOBA Jaffna, explained about the auditorium project. The project in the range of 16 million rupees to build a well-equipped 400 Seat auditorium in Memory of Mr.E.Sabalingam was inaugurated on Sunday, 17th March 2014. Followed by the introduction to the project were the speeches from former principals Mr.A.Panchalingam, Mr.S.Srikumar, and Mr.V.Ganesharajah. Before continuing with the special addresses, a dance programme “Bharathanatiyaththil Sivapuranam” was staged. After that, Mr.N.Sunthareswaran, Mr.Aru Thirumurugan, Mr.M.C.Francis, Mr.N.Vithyananthan, and Mr.K.Skandamoorthy addressed the gathering. Then was the special address from the Chief Guest Mr.S.Ponnampalam and the handing over of the auditorium took place. The Sabalingam Auditorium was formerly handed over to the Principal and the President of JHCOBA by Dr.S.Jothilingam.
As the end note of the event, vote of thanks was delivered by the Deputy Principal Mr.Satha Nimalan. The opening ceremony came to an end with the recital of college anthem. 
Dr.S. Jothilingam, who generously donated this auditorium to Jaffna Hindu, is not only the son of our former principal, but he is also an old boy of the school and a former president of Jaffna Hindu College OBA UK. The Jaffna Hindu web team thanks him for coming forward to build an Auditorium in memory of his late father Mr. E.Sabalingam, a well-respected former principal of our school. Our school, which is one of the National schools in Sri Lanka, will be the first school in the Northern Province to have such a facility. This will no doubt boost the education of our younger generation.
The late Mr. Elayatamby Sabalingam was an old boy of our school and a former Principal. He inherited this world from 04 February 1919 to03 August 1988. Late Mr. Sabalingam (B.Sc. London, Post Graduate Trained Ceylon) had his early education at Navalar Saivapiraksa Vidyasalai Jaffna from 1923 to 1928 and at Victoria Institution Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 1929 to 1931. He had his secondary education at Jaffna Hindu College from 1932 to 1937. He graduated in Science from the Ceylon University College and joined the Ceylon government service as a technical officer. After a brief period, he opted to be a teacher and since then he willingly served the Jaffna community in the field of education.  He was the vice-principal of Kokuvil Hindu College and, in 1964, he was appointed as the principal of Jaffna Central College.  In the year 1971, he assumed duties as a selection grade principal of Jaffna Hindu College, his alma mater.
The late Mr. E. Sabalingam is an efficient administrator and a philanthropist. As a teacher and administer he contributed immensely not only in the field of education but also in the field of teacher trade unionism and sports. He had been a successful administrator, trade unionist, and a leading sportsman.  As principal par – excellence, he laboured for the welfare of the students and instilling discipline among them had always been his forte. He took the College to greater heights during his term of office and brought fame and popularity to the College.  As a noble principal, he faced all problems with courage and proved his mettle at times of crises. He was highly revered and respected by his students, colleagues and parents.
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