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Old boys of New Zealand launch JHCOBA in Auckland
Posted on: 26/05/2014 (Monday)
The old boys of New Zealand have launched JHCOBA in Auckland on 24th of May 2014. The idea to have an OBA for New Zealand old boys has been under discussion for years and it has become true now. The idea took momentum during the last couple of years and hatched in 2011 - 2012 period, when it took a further step and drafted a formal constitution. Once it was discussed with Late.Mr.Vijaratnam Sivasupramaniam, an old boy and former teacher of Jaffna Hindu College, to take lead role to move forward, but unfortunately it was parked after his demise. Then after a year this has again been actively looked at and discussed with couple of old boys to get their concerns to register as a registered organisation in New Zealand. Finally, the constitution was finalized and the application for registration of the OBA NZ was lodged on April 25th and the association was registered in early May 2014.
The old boys who have supported and given their concerns for the registration, including two old boys from Wellington, have formed the first management committee of the OBA.
The inaugural meeting of the committee was convened on Saturday, the 24th May 2014, at the Wesley Community centre, 740 Sandringham Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland. Mr.Saththeeswaran - former chemistry teacher at Jaffna Hindu College and Mr.G.Partheepan from Sydney were also present at the inaugural meeting. 
The meeting started around 6.30 pm with the recital of Thevaram and continued with welcome speech by Mr.S.Gowrishankar. Then Mr.G.Partheepan delivered the launching speech and read out Principal's wishing message. Also, he read out some part of the constitution, especially the membership eligibility set-out in the constitution and the responsibilities of key positions. Soon after this, the election of the management committee took place and the formation of the first management committee was executed.
Mr.Suthanthirapalan Gowrishankar was elected as the founder president of the OBA and Mr.Somasundaram Kandeepan was elected as the secretary of the OBA. This committee will continue until next AGM, which is expected to be held in late October this year. 
Then the new president Mr.Gowrishankar and the new patrons Mr.Saththeeswaran and Mr.Gunarathinarajah delivered their first speech in the official capacity. Finally the new secretary Mr.Kandeepan delivered the vote of thanks. The event concluded with the college song.
The Jaffna Hindu web team wishes the newly formed OBA to flourish in New Zealand and unite all Hinduites and serve their alma mater.
The New Executive Committeee - New Zealand OBA 2014
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Muttiah Paranthaman (NZ) Posted Date: May 29, 2014 
My congratulations to the JHC Old Boys Association of NZ and wish all success.

Old Boy of JHC 1948 to 1957. Under the principals Mr.A.Cumaraswamy and Mr.V.M Asaipillai.
Played soccer to the College team, participant athletics, and School Prefect.

Muttiah Paranthaman JP (NZ) Warrant Issuing Officer, Marriage Celebrant.

Sinniah Pathmanathan (Australia) Posted Date: May 29, 2014 
யாழ்பாணம் இந்துக் கல்லூரி பழைய மாணவர்

யாழ்பாணம் இந்துக் கல்லூரி பழைய மாணவர் சங்கம் , நி யூ சிலாந்திலும்
(New Zealand) தாபிக்கப்பட்டது மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்சியான விடயமாகும்.
அங்கத்தவர்கள் எல்லோருக்கும் எங்கள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

சி . பத்மநாதன்
பழைய மாணவன் யா. இ. க.

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Ghana Mazhai 2017 - Victoria
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