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ஆங்கில தினப் போட்டியில் சிறந்த பெறுபேற்றை பெற்ற யாழ் இந்து மாணவர்கள்
Posted on: 30/10/2012 (Tuesday)

The Results of Provincial level English day competition -2012

Individual Events :

- Mas.Vithusan got 1st place for recitation.
- Mas. Sujeevan got 3rd place for creative writing.
- Mas. Kuhananth got 2nd place for copy writing.
- Mas.Luxman got 1st place for creative writing.
- Mas.Gunawaran got 1st place & 2nd place for oratory impromptu & creative writing respectively.
- Mas. Vivek vinushanth got 1st place for oratory (prepared)
- Mas. Vinu got 1st place for creative writing.
- Mas. Piranavan got 2nd place for oratory impromptu.

Group Events :

- Grade 7 got 1st place for Role-play.
- Grade 11 got 1st place for Role- play.
- Debate - 1st place.

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