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Aadi Amavasai 2013 is on Tuesday, 6th of August
Posted on: 09/07/2013 (Tuesday)

Aadi Amavasai, the new moon or the no moon day in the Tamil month Aadi (July-August), is a day of remembrance of our forefathers in the Hindu culture. This year it will be observed on Tuesday, the 6th of August 2013. Aadi Amavasai  is a day dedicated to offer a ritual called tharpanam, to our dead relatives and ancestors. In Tamil culture, Aadi Amavasai is specially observed by those who have lost their father or husband and tharpanam is offered to his soul. 

The rituals are generally performed on a riverbank or seashore. People observe fasting on the day, and take a holy dip in a sacred river or pond (theertham) and offer tharpanam.  It’s believed that by performing tharpnam we can connect with our forefathers and pray for peace to their soul and gain their blessings.
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