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 Principal Information:

Mr. A. Cumaraswamy
Principal, Jaffna Hindu College 1933 to 1952

He was the first old boy to become Principal of the school in 1933 and the first Principal to die in harness in November 1952. He was an educationist of no mean repute that the country had produced and gave the necessary lead for many educational reforms in the country. He laid the foundation for the growth of the institution in later years and who had a noble vision  for a broader education for the children. He was the first to welcome the free education  scheme,  the  swabasha education system and mooted the idea of founding the Jaffna Hindu Ladies College. The expansion  of  the sports ground and many sports activities, expansion of the science laboratory, creation of the laboratory facility for Geography and handycrafts, improving the facilities of the library, magazine for the students, Lyceums and the Parliament in school were all his brain child, all of which spread their tentacles in the later years. Many of his ideals and principles were meticulously followed in the later years for the expansion and glory of the college. The golden jubilee of the college was celebrated during his period.

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