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 Principal Information:

Mr. C. Sabaratnam
Principal, Jaffna Hindu College 1962 to 1964

He joined his alma mater in 1928 after his degree and continued in the same school until his retirement in 1964. He started as a teacher of Mathematics and Physics in the higher forms, was Vice Principal from 1953 to 1962 and then Principal till 1964. He was a successful teacher of his subjects and students always appreciated him for his care and attention to raise the level of the weakest in the class. Having captained the University soccer team, he always had an abiding interest to develop all sports activities among the students and played tennis till his last days. He was steady and smart in all his dealings and had a methodical approach whether in teaching or administration. He always practised what he preached. The administration block of the school was named after him.

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